“she pointed at night, but you saw the stars”

-Sam Beam 2016

Kent based Photographer




It certainly is! Why? Because it gives me an opportunity to meet you, for us to get to know each other, and for me to see how you are in front of a camera. It might just help to put you at ease if you’re a little self-consious. We can chat about what you want from your day, warts and all and it gives me a super sense of how your big day is going to pan out

The main reason is that I have two main loves (three if you include music) people. And photography. Why wouldn’t I want to spend my days documenting real.love.stories.told!

We would need to talk about your plans for the day, but I would strongly recommend putting aside a couple of hours (they don’t need to be consecutive) for the family formals and the creative shoots. I know it seems like a lot, but trust me, that time will fly by. After the wedding, I’ll give you a sneaky peak at a couple of shots within 48 hours, and I’ll make sure you get your fully edited gallery within 4 weeks.

If you haven’t paid for a second photographer, then yep, I work alone. The only time that will differ is when I invite along someone trying to build their wedding portfolio (because this is a tough game to get into). You wouldn’t be charged for this, and I would of course check with you beforehand to make sure you are happy with someone else taking photos too.


I have personal liability and professional indemnity insurance. I wouldn’t dream of doing what i do without it.

n.b.if you have a second photographer, they are also covered by my insurance.

Now! and here

Just drop me a message about your date and plans and I’ll get back to you asap to let you know if I’m available.

I certainly do, all over the UK. However, if you’re getting married a long way from my house, I may ask you to pay a little more to help cover the cost of a cheap hotel (I don’t mind a bit of squalor!)

They’re your photos to do with as you wish. Print and share until the cows come home! Don’t sell them though. You can’t do that.

You’ve got a question I haven’t answered?

Never fear…ask me anything you want on my contact page.

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