“because I’m the fire on the mountain you have lit up in your dream”

-kristian Matsson 2010

Suzy & Terry at Royal Wells Hotel

In the middle of the hottest British summertime since 1976, Suzie and Terry tied the knot at the Royal Wells Hotel in Tunbridge Wells. it was so hot in fact that i’m pretty sure the car started sinking in the tarmac when I stopped at a traffic light on the way!

Delighted at the beautiful weather and venue, on arrival it was time to start capturing some shots of the details and the guests mingling before the main event. The guests were in high spirits from the moment I took my lens cap off, with laughter and jubilation in the air.

The ceremony was a humanist ceremony being taken by Suzy and Terrys friend. Terry’s Mum and Dad live in Australia so they watched the whole thing on a live link through a phone! 

A few technical issues with the music quickly resolved by an on the ball groom; and Suzy arrived with her Dad in full Scottish regalia (although I never found out if he had anything on under the kilt!) Everybody rose from their seats, Suzy walked in to gasps and exclamations of how beautiful she looked.

After the emotional service there was an impromptu confetti bomb from the guests, which kept me on my toes to get the shot. Suzy and Terry then got the chance to relax with their guests for a while (Suzy even rekindling her love for an old job by getting behind the bar!) before being whisked off for a romantic walk and some creative photos. There were then a few minutes for some alone time, before the grand entrance to the super scrum looking wedding breakfast as photography coverage was brought to an end.

congratulations suzy and Terry on your…