“all I want is for you to be happy,

take this moment and make you my family”

-Anthony Kiedis 2006

Kent based Photographer

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13 things

 about me



-i made a tiki bar in my garden…because summer vibes are the best

-i LOVE music. I’ve got a fair sized and varied record collection. you’ll find many the musical reference on this site (and when you talk to me). 

-i forage for mushrooms in the winter. my favourite is the trumpet chanterelle

-i like going up hills on my bike…i get scared going down them

-i get squeamish when it comes to frogs. they’re slimy and jump way too far in comparison to their size

-i love cooked tomatoes but can’t stand them raw

-i can play the banjo. because sometimes I like to pretend I’m from the deep south of america

-i own A LOT of hats, and wear them all regularly

-i often get told i have doctors’ handwriting

-i get called Biggers a lot because of my surname. you’re welcome to do the same

-i love the smell of new books, petrol and kerosene

-i don’t wear trousers between march and september (unless i’m shooting your wedding) i do wear shorts though, because going bottom half naked would get me arrested

-i’m yet to meet a dog that doesn’t like me

-my lucky number is 13 (yes i know this is the 14th thing, but it doesn’t count, because that wouldn’t be lucky!)



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